A new opinion poll from Survation reveals that 86% of voters want an immediate ban on trophy hunting imports. Among supporters of the Conservative Party, the figure rises to 92%. Just 1% of Tory voters disagree.

The poll was conducted in February 2022, and surveyed 2,050 people.

QUESTION: To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “The UK Government should ban trophy hunters from bringing back trophies of hunted animals as soon as possible”. Figures shown are percentages.


Trophy hunting is described as a ‘sport’ by those who practice it. It consists of killing an animal for recreation, and then displaying its body as an expression of a hunter’s ‘prowess’. It is distinct from the control or management of wildlife populations, which should be carried out humanely by trained professionals.

The objectives of the APPG on Banning Trophy Hunting are to secure a comprehensive and properly-enforced UK ban on all trophy hunting imports, and for Britain to be a global leader in helping to end trophy hunting.

EDM (Early Day Motion) 490: Ban on trophy hunting imports (No. 2)


Chair: Sir Roger Gale MP (Con) Co-Chair: Baroness Hayman of Ullock (Lab) Vice-Chairs: Dr Lisa Cameron MP (SNP) Lord Rennard (Lib Dem) Hywel Williams MP (Plaid Cymru)

Kevin Brennan MP, Amy Callaghan MP, Dave Doogan MP, Margaret Ferrier MP, Baroness Gale, Andrew Gwynne MP, Pauline Latham MP, Kate Osborne MP, Christina Rees MP.

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Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting, Animal Aid, Animal Defenders International, Born Free Foundation, Conservative Animal Welfare Foundation, FOUR PAWS UK, Humane Society International-UK, Labour Animal Welfare Society, LionAid, Protecting African Lions, RSPCA, Voice4Lions, World Animal Protection

On Trophy Hunting:

“It’s what people did in the 19th century. One would’ve thought people would’ve gotten over that. But apparently there are still people who get a kick out of killing things and taking the lives of others, which is something I find incomprehensible.

“What we’re talking about is people who go to Africa to go hunting lions and other animals with good antlers or horns, and then posing with them as though they’ve made some sort of triumph, like they’ve lorded it over the natural world. It brings a real sadness that some people think it’s clever, or victorious or strong to take the life of something else.”

Sir David Attenborough OBE

“With the decline of wildlife worldwide, and many species approaching extinction, all caused by man, how can there be justification in trophy hunting? How can any government say they are fighting poaching whilst allowing trophy hunting at the same time?

“I call upon those countries from where these promoters of extinction come from to step up and ban the import of trophies.”

Lt Gen S K I Khama, President, Republic of Botswana (2008 – 2018)

VIDEOS: What British MPs & Lords say about Trophy Hunting

Diane Abbott MP; Sir David Amess MP; Hilary Benn MP; Bob Blackman MP; Alan Campbell MP; Alistair Carmichael MP; Baroness Shami Chakrabati; Sir Ed Davey MP; Sir Roger Gale MP; Mary Glindon MP; Andrew Gwynne MP; Wera Hobhouse MP; Ben Lake MP; Caroline Lucas MP; Chris Matheson MP; Steve McCabe MP; Kerry McCarthy MP; Andy McDonald MP; Kate Osamor MP; Jonathon Reynolds MP; Tommy Sheppard MP; Andy Slaughter MP; Jeff Smith MP; Rosie Winterton MP

RIP Sir David Amess MP 1952-2021


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